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Northern Fibre III - Hidden Treasures

There were 26 participants of NORTHERN FIBRE III, who came from 16 different European countries as well as Australia and Japan.

The workshop was a meeting place between people, who have textile/ fibre art as a common experience. It was an opportunity to get out and struggle with other materials, and get inspiration from an unfamiliar environment. It was a chance to get inspired ­ even provoked by ­ differences in tradition and culture of the profession.

Northern Fibre III was organised by 5 members of the textile group within The Danish Arts and Crafts Association ­ Danske Kunsthåndværkere ­ cooperating with the Cultural Centre Tuskær in Fjaltring as well as the museum Textilforum in Herning.

The theme was inspired by the location: the north-west corner of Jutland: an area with rough nature, where many ships have been wretched and gone down through the years and where the land once belonging to the old farm Tuskær has disappeared into the sea. In short an area with "pirates' treasures, mermaids and sunken cities". The theme was at the same time airy and intangible and opened possibilities for a lot of associations.

Two lecturers were attached to the workshop:

John Olsen ­ Danish artist ­ who is preoccupied with the forces of the energies which started everything in the infancy of the world. He constantly scans his Danish reality for traces that testify to their continued presence. He finds them everywhere ­ not only in nature itself but also in all the scrap and litter human beings have left behind.

Gyöngy Laky ­ American fibre artist ­ professor of Art and Design at the university of California at Davis. As a textile artist ­ or rather textile sculptor ­ she works with the architectonic aspects f textiles. It is impossible to classify her work. At one and the same time it involves sculpture, network, basketry and bits of grid fence. Her work demonstrates the strength and beauty of textile techniques.

The organizing team: