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2o workshop participants in alphabetical order

Laurie Addis, USA
Digital Jacquard weaves based on 19th and early20th century designs
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Grazyna Brylewska, Poland
Installations e.g. photographic silkscreen prints, paper
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Young-Soon Cha, South Korea
Architecture-inspired paper and embroidery works
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Mia Damberg, Finland
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Maja Gecic, Serbia / Finland
Installations and 3D works, transparency, light, sound
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Grethe Gunneng, Norway
Low-tech, object trouvé, gutskin, photograph
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Kristveig Halldórsdóttir, Iceland
Digital photograph + rhubarb papyrus and ready made objects
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Sarah Hartshorn, USA
Digital Jacquard weaves based on DNA diagrams and human brain processes
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Ainsley Hillard, UK
Heat transfer photograph printed on weft - "photo-ikat"
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Pat Hodson, UK
Layered collage with digital print, drawings, dyeing
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Lina Joniké, Lithuania
Photographs and embroidery, cultural identity and political changes
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Machteld van Joolingen, Netherlands
Textile-based contemporary jewellery based on ideas about globalization
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Outi Martikainen, Finland
Textile traditions applied in contemporary spaces & materials
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Yoriko Murayama, Japan
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Laima Orzekauskiené, Lithuania
Photograph-based weaves with inspired by traditional Lithuanian textiles
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Tilleke Schwarz, Netherlands
Contemporary embroidery
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Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir, Iceland
Conceptual works based on materials and feministic ideas
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Snezana Skoko, Serbia
Conceptual textile-based works
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Isolde Venrooy, Netherlands
"Mats" from cardboard packing boxes, based on traditional textiles
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Sally Williams, UK
Digital photos on canvas showing digitalized microscopic textile structures
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The following artists have been invited to take part in the retrospective exhibition:
Anna Sjons Nilsson (Sweden), Iveta Miháliková (Slovakia), Kaarina Kellomäki (Finland), Olivera Nincic (Serbia), Brett Alexander (Australia), Yoriko Murayama (Japan), Wanda Casaril (Italy), Karin Binder (Austria), Barbara Shawcroft (USA), Wenche Kvalstad Eckhoff (Norway) and Leena Lukkarinen (Finland).