Machteld van Joolingen

Choker met handenmotief, 2003
Furniture fabric from Morocco, Celtic motif from elastic, silver centre piece from newspaper image, on the back printed fabric with Zealand buttons.

Collier mer afghanen, 2003
Embroidery pattern from running afghans with fabric from Bali on the back, ' plastic cloth in the shape of an old parure, various silver symbols, locked with a Scarabee.

Collier met legenda, 2003
Textile printed with photo, Turkish crochet, Goesı button with dangling legends from the Iraq war, felt on the backside and a silver cast icon as lock (and warning) on the backside.

Dasje met voetballers, 2002, 2003
Lace, Celtic motif from elastic, football players in silver.

Stole, UU1, 7,5-197 cm
Fabrics from all over the world, scanned in a computer and computerpatchworked into a long small accessory with little boats for the 3rd dimension. Printed on silk with a silk lining and frill.

Châle, UU2, 2004, wrap, 140 x 140 cm
Combination of diverse cultural ornaments combined with pictures from the news. Printed on silk with silk lining.

Châle, detail from center